Help Us To Help Those With Absent Fathers To Realise Their Heavenly Father Loves And Cares For Them!

Our Goal For Those With Absent Fathers

  • Support them to realize they have a heavenly Father.
  • Develop their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Support them to advance in life.
  • Support them to achieve their divine destiny.
  • Support them to become wonderful independent, mature and responsible members of their communities.
  • Reduce the number of school drop-outs, criminal activities and unemployment.
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What We Are Doing

How Will Your Money Help?

Spiritual support

Provide spiritual support through counselling, pastoral care, and prayers

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Financial support

Provide financial support to help prevent or relieve poverty and improve their living conditions.

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Training and mentoring

Provide training and mentoring to those in need by giving appropriate useful advice

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